Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Antique Find and Dina Wakely Class

Is this awesome or what?  I'm a container freak.  I've long adored drawers, pockets, boxes, pouches, totes and anything that can contain something.  So when I peeked at this monstrosity at the antique store this morning while waiting to attend my class, I declared "sold".  Especially when the dealer discounted the price by 25% and waived sales tax.  A steal.  I love it!  What is it?  Okay, it's a 30 drawer/slot postal mail box all brass drawer fronts, with keys (with the exception of two) How big?  24" wide, 26.5" high and 14.5" deep.  I'm only imagining the possibilities.

Then on to my class with another artist I have a she-crush on...Dina Wakely.  I didn't have a clue who this artist was until less than one month ago when I saw her rubber stamp images from Stampington. After her bio it stated, "a Glendale, AZ resident". What?  Really?  I immediately headed to her blog/web site and read about her local teaching workshops and there I was today.  I brought along my new BFF, Janet, who I met last Sunday at Art Unraveled.  Janet lives in Mesa, too.  This is how this stuff works; we called it synchronicity today.  Whatever it is, it's divine.  The class was great.  We drew abstract birds.  What?  Seriously, if you would have told me one year ago (or one month ago for that matter) that I would have attended this class, I would have denied it completely. I've never drawn anything like this in my lifetime.  For real.  The muse is a funny thing, isn't she?  It was a delightful class.  Yes, you can do it.  I did.  Explore, go to the edge, then jump.

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