Thursday, August 25, 2011

Funky Versals

More than any art technique at this time, I want to be able to create versals.  Versals are a specific "hand" of calligraphy.  Having done my fair share of google searches on versals, I find that there is quite a diverse delivery.  The versals I really enjoy are casual I would guess, contemporary perhaps, and funky.  I don't think there are a bunch of folks willing and able to teach this for me, especially on line.  If anyone knows of someone, please give me a shout.  So I resort to my own art studio to try to emulate the masters (exemplars on my clip board)  I've been a calligrapher for 23 years.  This is hard stuff to do.  For me anyway.  But of so much value.  Why, I'm not entirely certain.  I asked my teacher, Reggie, twenty two years ago why it is that I'm so drawn to this crazy art (craft) and his simple, almost belligerent reply was, "Don't ask".  Here are two pieces I played with today for my creative list quilt from Lisa's class I took a few weeks ago.  The "be still" quote is from t.s. eliot and the other, Maya Angelo. I'm pleased.

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