Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Adventure at Art Unraveled

Last Sunday I was able to partake in my very first experience at Art Unraveled.  I'm a local, so perhaps I didn't experience the same as if I'd flown in from out of town, taken up residence at the hotel and spent the week attending the multitude of classes offered.  No, not me.  I chose one class, Your Creative List Quilt offered by Lisa Engelbrecht. I've admired Lisa for many years.  A she-crush I confess.  While I thoroughly admire her skill and talent, I have a great deal of respect for her as a person and her genuine kindness and generosity.  Lisa's an amazing soul.

Having said all that, I will report that my experience was not remarkable.  The class was very short, long lunch break and no matter who is teaching, there is only enough time to scratch the surface.  However, much is gained to share a Sunday with like minded kindred spirits who all "get it".  That, my friend, is priceless.  I question the high cost of the classes, in addition to "instructor fees for supplies" as well as "registration fees".  Really?  For what, exactly.  I say, "build it into the cost of the workshop".  Lessens the pain.

I had a great day.  This was a class where we painted canvas, cotton and muslin and tore and cut them up into pieces, painted them with acrylics, lettered on them and arranged with found objects, do-dads, fibers and more.  Here's my work in progress.  Will continue to color and paint my pieces and delve into my soulful list. 

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