Friday, January 20, 2012

Strathmore Journals

Created these journals from a very large sheet of Strathmore Mixed Media 140 lb. These are from the online Strathmore workshop.  Very liberating and freeing.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mail Art

Here are some postcards I created and sent out yesterday to members of an online yahoo journaling group of which I belong.  Fun to play.  Create and let go. 

treasured keepsakes

My three sons are now in their twenties and I have accumulated many a birthday, mother's day and occasion cards over the years.  They have written me many letters, messages, notes, thank-you's, apologies, pleas and more in their lifetime.  I had stored these little gems in various locations...boxes, file folders, journals (just to name a few).
Recently while searching for something in my studio I came upon some of these items and decided it was time to create something to house them all in one place.  Here's what I did...
I created "file folders" from my paper stash and used other bits of papers, transparencies, page protectors, etc. to create "envelopes" to insert all the pieces.  I used my rubicoil to bind it all.  For me, it's a perfect way to honor and cherish these amazing gifts.

small art journals

Here are some smaller art journals made from my Journal Conversion class.  They are about 5.5" square.  These were made tucked into the hand made envelopes sewn and given as holiday gifts.

Art Journals

Here are some finished journals made from Roben-Marie Smith's class.  It was great fun.