Thursday, January 19, 2012

treasured keepsakes

My three sons are now in their twenties and I have accumulated many a birthday, mother's day and occasion cards over the years.  They have written me many letters, messages, notes, thank-you's, apologies, pleas and more in their lifetime.  I had stored these little gems in various locations...boxes, file folders, journals (just to name a few).
Recently while searching for something in my studio I came upon some of these items and decided it was time to create something to house them all in one place.  Here's what I did...
I created "file folders" from my paper stash and used other bits of papers, transparencies, page protectors, etc. to create "envelopes" to insert all the pieces.  I used my rubicoil to bind it all.  For me, it's a perfect way to honor and cherish these amazing gifts.

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