Friday, July 15, 2011

The Loot

I had the chance to visit the very intensive Paper & Ink Arts owned by Brenda Broadbent yesterday.  Brenda sets up her amazing store in hotels, colleges and universities and any where calligraphers, lettering artist, bookbinders and the like have their special conferences.  This one is the 2011 IAMPETH convention, held at the Embassy Biltmore. I was not inclined to attend, but I wanted to visit Brenda and check out her wares in person.  I'm a calligrapher, a lettering artist and for many years, I attended annual conventions.  At least one each year.  For the past ten years, I haven't had the fortune to attend so was happy to see Brenda and do some major damage.  Here's some of my loot:
A.  Inktense pencils and sticks.  Have heard great things about them but here's my first purchase.  I chose some of the earth colors.  Will report back on my review.
B.  Three double ended nib holders
C. Schmieke Aluminum flakes.  I bought these to add to my paste papers.  Will let you know how it performs
D. Dr. Martin Bleed Proof White.  The ultimate white for lettering.  I go through this stuff more than any of my art supplies
E. Fineline Applicator.  Tiny applicator that I am going to use to apply my masking fluid.  Heard great things about it's performance.  Jury's still out.
F. White fabric retractible, refillable pencil.  A must for me now that I'm doing so much bookbinding with darker papers and fabrics.
G. Pilot Parallel Pen in a special, custom size, which is tiny.  Brenda has some dude actually shave off the tip of the nib to create a wonderful "mitchell size 6" nib size.  Hope it works!

Here's two books I bought...Donald Jackson 2011 calendar from the St. John's Bible and Making Room for Making Art.  Both look fabulous and priced right!

My greatest discovery on this artist excursion were these paints, like pearl ex but with much better suspension and brilliant color.  Run, don't walk to pick these up.  I can only imagine the possibilities!

It's not often I spend over an hour in any store, looking, contemplating, creating with my mind and soul.  But in Brenda's store, it's different.  It's been over ten years since I've roamed her merchandise like yesterday, and still it felt the same.  Something about the artist in us.  It knows no time.  A delightful day.  A long awaited spending spree.

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