Monday, September 26, 2011

this must be divine

Traveling the world of artist's blogs, I stumble upon some very interesting forms of art.  Here's one that you may have seen.  I think they are simply referred to as Paper Wallets.  There's lots of variations.  Three nights ago, I thought I would attempt a quick-and-dirty shot at making one.  Here is the wallet I created, folded in half.  I simply removed the cover from my Yoga Journal magazine, created the folds and whipped it through my sewing machine without any regard for perfection or accuracy.  Just wanted to get the feel for it.

I transferred my most used pieces from my large wallet into the paper wallet to make sure the items fit drivers license, my debit card, Costco card, Target debit card and cash.  Here's the inside peek
After completing the project, I decided that while it was fun and whimsical, I would probably not be making more and use my artistic muse pursuing other endeavors.

The very next day, leaving for work, I grabbed my wallet and put it into my purse and realized that I transferred all my items into this paper creation so grabbed it as well.

That night, at my place of employment, my purse was stolen from the office it was in, fully equipped with cameras.  Not long after, the purse was found in the men's restroom garbage can.  The wallet was stolen, but apparently the thief wanted nothing to do with this silly paper creation.

The definition of divine is "of, from or like God".  With a grateful heart, I agree.

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